• The HOP is a membership program with a minimum of a year commitment. The reason the membership program is for a minimum of a year is because I consider this the minimum amount of time it will take to optimize and potentially reverse the condition(s) you are seeking a functional medicine approach for. This is not a “quick fix program”.  
  • The membership program is designed to your unique needs. The first one or two sessions following the FHA will provide a roadmap for the rest of the program.   
  • You will have five one on one 45-minute sessions spread throughout the year. At some point following the easing of pandemic restrictions, I will require that one of those sessions will need to be in person. The remainder of the sessions can be via video portal.  
  • At the completion of each session, you will have access to your medical records in addition to resources that I recommend. 
  • Please note advanced laboratory testing and supplements are not included in the monthly membership fee. 
  • There will be biweekly ‘office hours’ where you can stop in for Q&A and where I will also be teaching a variety of topics in functional medicine. 
  • You will be given a one-time 15% discount code to use toward membership renewal for a second year.
  • The pre-practice launch price for the HOP is $197.00 per month for the first year of participation.