Health Optimization Program (HOP)

The Health Optimization Program (DROP) is the flagship program of THRIVE Functional Health. The only way to be considered for participation in the HOP is through completion of the Functional Health Assessment (FHA).

For more information about the Functional Health Assessment, click here.

Here are some things you need to know about the Health Optimization Program:

The HOP is a membership program with a minimum of a year commitment. The membership program is for a minimum of a year because I consider this the minimum amount of time it will take to optimize and potentially reverse the condition(s) you are seeking a functional medicine approach for. This is not a “quick fix program”.

  • The membership program is highly personal and designed to address your unique issues.
  • At the completion of each session, you will have access to your medical records in addition to resources that I recommend.
  • Five visits with the functional medicine doctor (45-minute visits)
  • Four visits with the health coach (30-minute visits)
  • 25 % discount on supplements through the online professional-grade dispensary
  • 25 % discount on online courses and programs
  • Use of Patient Portal providing access to unlimited messaging with the doctor.
  • Please note advanced laboratory testing and supplements are not included in the monthly membership fee.
  • The price for the Health Optimization Program (HOP) is $297.00 per month for the first year of participation.
  • Please note at the present time, we are unable to accept Medicare Eligible Patients into our practice.

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